Posted by Chuck Corbin on May 24, 2013

“Overwatch” Added To CS:GO To Let Gamers Police Themselves

When it comes to cheating in games it’s usually hard to really punish somebody. After all, while a cheater might get banned from a specific server for things like wall-clipping or having an aim-bot, the fact is many times they don’t really get punished. If there is an employee who checks up on reports of cheating, the fact is they tend to get overwhelmed with the massive amounts of reports that come in. What can be done?

Well Valve is hitting on a new idea to help punish cheaters and other players who exhibit “disruptive behavior”: let the community do it themselves. Dubbed “Overwatch”, the program works by getting prospective Overwatch Investigators to review a replay of “The Suspect’s” match to see if what they are doing can be considered “disruptive”. If the investigators collective agree that yes, this player is being disruptive, then a ban will be issued based on the severity of the offense and the suspect’s history of convictions.

Right now the system is in beta, but it seems to be a pretty good idea at least in concept. In this system not all investigators are equal, where a higher-scoring investigator’s verdict can carry more weight than a lower-scoring investigator. While I’ve started mostly playing the best on line bingo games I could find, I still wish more games would use a system like this, because there’s nothing worse than getting banned because a single judge was having a bad day.


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