Posted by Chuck Corbin on May 30, 2013

PS4 Will Require Vita Remote Play For Most Games

It’s pretty easy to say that at this moment the PS Vita doesn’t exactly have a lot games going for it. That might all soon change though when Sony releases the PS4 later this year. That’s because Sony will be making it mandatory for most games to support the Vita Remote Play function, much like how the Wii U’s game pad can be used to play games without having to use the TV.

While the PS3 had remote play support for the Vita, it’s been described as being a bit laggy due in part to the fact that the signal transmitted is being software encoded by the 7 year old Cell SPU’s. With the PS4 you can expect to see remote play work a lot smoother as the streaming capability is built into the operating system this time around. I’m not gonna lie, I’m kind of excited to see this effect first-hand with my own Vita.

A vast majority of games will require the remote play feature to be built into the game, though there are some exceptions. Because the cameras on the Vita aren’t as powerful as the PS4 Eye, as well as the fact that the camera information would need to be transferred back to the PS4 for proper processing, those games that require the PS4 Eye will not be required to support remote play. It’s not too surprising: I can’t say that I’ve ever wanted to playJust Dance on my Vita before.


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