Posted by Marianne Miller on May 20, 2013

Sony Releases PlayStation 4 Teaser Video

The day before Microsoft’s big press event (wherein most expect an announcement regarding their newest console), Sony released a video teasing their new console, the PlayStation 4.  The PlayStation 4 has yet to be actually revealed physically to gamers, and the released video doesn’t really change much of that fact.

The video, less than 40 seconds in length, features only a blurry black box on the horizon while flashes of hardware appear in front of it to the beat of the music.  The video ends with the date and time of their conference at E3, which will be livestreamed here, where gamers can hopefully see the console that has been announced since late February.

Fans of both Playstation and Xbox are approaching this console generation with some trepidation.  Thankfully, Sony has assured gamers that the PS4 will not be blocking used games or require an internet connection to function.  With any luck, gamers can expect the same news from Microsoft after their press conference tomorrow, though they do have reason to worry after one of Microsoft’s creative directors sassed the internet about always-online devices and got fired for it.

Check out the PlayStation 4 teaser trailer below!

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