Posted by Marianne Miller on May 24, 2013

Wii U Sales Skyrocket After Disappointing Xbox One Reveal

Microsoft hasn’t been having a good week, despite their recent unveiling of the Xbox One earlier this week.  Immediately after the conference, Sony’s stock jumped up over 9 percent, though some would argue that the reason for this isn’t entirely due to the Xbox One’s reveal. However, it’s hard not to blame this next fact on this disappointing performance by Microsoft…

The Wii U, which has been bleeding due to its poor performance in both the Japanese and American marketplaces, shot up over 200 ranks on the Amazon Marketplace, from #390 all the way up to #40.  That’s an 875% increase in sales in just two days.

While initially surprising, it’s hard to remain that way when thinking logically. The Wii U seems to be the only next-gen console that will actually be gamer-friendly, with no threat of constant Internet connection or blocking of used games. While Sony seems a bit more understanding of its consumer, the Wii U will most likely carry many of the same titles for a fraction of the cost.  While the lack of a blu-ray player may be discouraging, I doubt any of us will be getting rid of our PS3s any time soon (as currently the Wii U is also the only console that is backwards compatible–including digital downloads… Another thing the Xbox One lacks).

In any case, it looks like Nintendo may be back in the console race after all.

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