Posted by Chuck Corbin on May 28, 2013

Xbox One Might Not Have A Used Games “Fee” [Rumor]

Every day there always seems to be a new rumor popping up with the Xbox One and how friendly it is or is not to play used video games. We’ve heard it all, really, from requiring people to pay for the whole game in order to play it off of your buddy’s disc, to using some sort of online tool to sell the game digitally back to Microsoft, and we’ve even heard about how you’ll be able to log into your own gamertag on your buddy’s machine in order to play a game. Well, there’s another rumor out there, but this one looks a little better than the rest.

The latest rumor comes from Polygon, and this time it looks really similar to the way things work nowadays. According to them, the disc itself will have an encryption code built into it, and the game is still installed onto the machine itself. However, here’s where it’s a bit different: if the game is sold or installed and played on another system, the game will be deauthenticated on the original machine until the game is used to re-authenticate the game on the system.

Now to me, this sounds a lot like how a typical console game works nowadays, and for the most part I don’t see a problem with it. While you might have the full game on your hard drive and not able to be played because you’re friend is playing with your copy, it’s no different if you lent them a Xbox 360 game. However, it does require an internet connection, which does suck, and it does appear that Microsoft and the publishers will be getting a cut of each used game sale now, which may or may not suck, depending on your point of view. At this point, however, I only hope that Microsoft will come out and definitively say “This is how we’re doing our used games”, because all these rumors are starting to get annoying.


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