Posted by Marianne Miller on May 21, 2013

Xbox One Will Not Be Backwards Compatible

A lot of rumors have been floating around the last few months regarding the functionality of Microsoft’s newest console, the Xbox One. Microsoft’s press conference this morning didn’t do much to put those worries to rest, and articles popping up around the net regarding its blocking of used games show a bleak future on the horizon for Microsoft fans.

Unfortunately, another cloud has dropped to rain on the parade, though it’s one that’s been familiar to Sony fans since their press conference in February: The Xbox One will not be backwards compatible.  Microsoft’s Mark Whitten confirmed in an interview that the architecture of the operating system on the Xbox One would not allow Xbox or Xbox 360 games to be played on it.

With any luck, gamers’ Xboxes will be able to last long enough for them to enjoy their physical copies of games for a few more years before breaking down and buying them digitally.  Hopefully, the Xbox Marketplace will see a bit more of a user-friendly pricing change between now and then.


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