Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jun 11, 2013

Bungie Showcases Destiny Footage In Sony’s Press Conference [E3 2013]

Sony had some very impressive moments in their press conference last night. For me, one of the best things they showed off gaming-wise was when Bungie got up on stage to show offDestiny, their MMO shooter for the PS3/PS4. And yes, while it was a bit awkward at times, and the guy who we were following around was kind of bad, the game really showed a lot of promise.

The biggest thing that I noticed about Destiny was just how jaw-dropping beautiful the graphics were, from the way the sun diffuses through the dust, to the enemies. As far as gameplay is concerned, it’s a pretty straightforward shooter MMO: you and some buddies can venture out and kill some aliens, and eventually when you kill them all you can collect loot. Obviously, harder enemies drop better loot, from electric guns to giant long sniper rifles. It also appears that each gun has a skill tree of sort, which I imagine you fill up as you use the gun to kill enemies. In other words, you might not just want to drop a gun when you get a new one, because even though the gun you have is old, it might still be worth more than a brand new gun that’s terrible.

Other features we saw was mounts, as several of the players were driving around on what looked like swoop bikes. You can definitely tell that the enemy design was from Bungie, as at one point the aliens drop an insect-like mech that reminded me of something out of Halo 3. This was part of a public event, where essentially many different folks who may not even be in the same group end up teaming up to take care of whatever is plaguing the area at that minute. It’s a cool idea that’s been implemented in games like Guild Wars 2, and it sure beats the snot out of having to hog certain enemies in order to accomplish something.

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