Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jun 5, 2013

CCP Gives EVE Online Players Skill Points

Over the weekend CCP Games suffered a DDoS attack on its Tranquility cluster of servers, which effectively brought down the games EVE Online and DUST 514. It was frustrating to say the least for many fans of those games, but after figuring out just how the servers were attacked CCP was finally able to implement a fix and bring the servers back up. But what to do with all the folks who lost out on a couple of prime days of game time?

While it might have been nice to get a few days of game time to make up for the outage that does not appear to be the case. Instead, what CCP is giving to EVE Online players is 50k free, unallocated skill points for their use. Keep in mind that the free points are only for active, non-trial accounts.

Unfortunately this is the second time in two weeks that they’ve had to give out that many points due to issues. That means there are going to be some players who may log in only to find they have 100k skill points they need to spend instead of the expected 50k.  Here’s hoping that there’s no need for another 50k to be given out soon.


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