Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jun 12, 2013

EA Is Aiming To Get NFS: Rivals Ready As Console Launch Titles

You know, I’ve always had a love for racing games. There’s just something about zooming around in excess of 180 mph that really brings me to the edge of my seat, especially as the graphics have gotten tighter and the gameplay smoother over the years. It’s no wonder then that I decided to pre-order Need for Speed: Rivals whenever I put in my reservation for my PS4 and Watch Dogs.

That’s why I’m pleased to hear that EA is looking to get out Rivals for the launch of the next gen consoles. Of course, the game is set to be released on the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 on November 19th, so if the new consoles were to come out a bit earlier than that date then it’s rather likely that we’ll see the PS4 and Xbox One versions come out that same day. Of course, it’s also possible that EA could release the game a bit earlier as well, for whenever the earliest console comes out.

One feature I’d love to see happen in this game, but probably won’t, is cross-platform compatibility, even if it’s just limited between Sony consoles and Microsoft consoles. One of the biggest draws (or biggest drawback, depending on who you’re talking to) is the Alldrive feature, where races, busts, and everything else just sort of happens naturally, and you can drive in and out of your friend’s game as you two either team up to bust a speeder, or try to outrun each other in a race, or even chase each other as one plays a cop and the other plays a speeder.  Luckily, for those folks who want to play by themselves, or can’t get a good enough internet connection they’ll absolutely be able to play Rivals fine, without any issues.


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