Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jun 3, 2013

EVE Online Servers Fall Under DDoS Attack

In EVE Online the game developers in general encourage the players to do whatever it is they want. There have been numerous stories of people starting banks or corporations, only to betray everybody that’s invested with them and raid their stuff, all so they can build themselves a giant ass battlecrusier. Unfortunately, the events that happened this weekend with EVE Online and its sister game Dust 514 are not the kind of behavior that CCP Games condones.

The company had to pull the servers offline this weekend due to a DDoS attack. While the perpetrators aren’t known, CCP Games have been hard at work at getting the severs back online though they could not give an estimate as to when they’d be back. For the fans sake, I hope that the game is back up and running soon.

EVE Online’s official Facebook page had this to say:

At 02:05 GMT June 2nd, CCP became aware of a significant and sustained distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS) against the Tranquility cluster (which houses EVE Online and DUST 514) and web servers.

Our policy in such cases is to mobilize a taskforce of internal and external experts to evaluate the situation. At 03:07 GMT, that group concluded that our best course of action was to go completely offline while we put in place mitigation plans.

While we initially reopened EVE Online and DUST 514, we have since re-evaluated. With the highest sense of precaution we have taken Tranquility and associated websites back down for further investigation and an exhaustive scan of our entire infrastructure. We will update you more frequently via our Twitter feed (www.twitter.com/eveonline), however, an extended service interruption of several hours is expected as this process should not be rushed.


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