Posted by Zac MacDonald on Jun 19, 2013

Half Life 3 (Not) Confirmed! (Fake) Screen Shots!

So as you are all aware, a new milestone, or special date, or something hardly even really significant has come up relating to Valve, which means it’s time for the Half Life 3 rumors to emerge. This particular date is September 12th, 2013, the 10th anniversary of Steam, and boy have the fans been itching to make up some new rumors. So, without further ado, I will go ahead and just get the ball rolling. For your further enjoyment I have whipped up a fake screenshot of my own to fuel the fire, which you can find below. Remember, this is fake, but just because it is fake does not mean is isn’t “real”.

As you can see, based on pure speculation and thoughtless hype, we can presume that Half Life 3 will be released. I mean it HAS to, the planets are in the 7th house and the summer solstice has begun, not to mention it’s Darth Vader’s birthday and Gabe Newell himself got a new haircut AND a fresh pair of glasses. All of these reasons somehow coalesce into a conspiracy theory worthy of mass fan attention. For more spread of these horrible rumors, I am offering the .psd, available here, so you can make your own fake HL3 screen shots.

What do you guys think? Are you tired of the HL3 theories and rumors? Do you like to buy into the hype? Do you think Gabe is teasing us all? I personally think they’re working on HL3, but it’s not a priority, and they’re attempting to make sure it’s as refined and polished and worth it, unlike some other games that took 6+ years of development time. It should also be mentioned that this post was written specifically for my associate Kevin, who outright said that if I wrote a post about a HL3 rumor, he wouldn’t even bother making it look like an accident. Happy hunting.

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