Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jun 10, 2013

Images Of Battlefield 4’s Alpha Have Been Leaked

Battlefield 4 has been in development for a good long while, but until now we haven’t seen a whole lot about what’s in it. We do know that it’s gonna feature a story where you’ll have to leave your squad leader behind in a sinking car while bad 80’s music plays on the radio. But lets be honest, for many BF players that’s not what they’re getting the game for. No, they’re getting it for the multiplayer.

While it’s likely that we’re gonna see some screenshots Activision thanks to E3 this week, you’ll be glad to know that somebody has already found some alpha build screenshots and placed them online. The images appear to show some standard features in the game, including things like pistol, knife, and grenade customization. “Battlepacks” are another feature, which according to Kotaku may contain options like players skins, weapons, and other accessories and could be unlocked with some sort of in-game currency.

The map that appears in the alpha screenshots is simply called “Siege” and appears to take place in Shanghai. It’s pretty obvious that a lot of textures are not finished yet, but many of the effects, like explosions and shattering glass, appear to be coming together. We’ll surely get some better screenshots this week, however, thanks to E3. You can see the rest of the images down below.


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