Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jun 4, 2013

Investment Firm Wedbush Morgan Predicts Sub-$400 Prices For PS4, Xbox One

Whenever a new console generation is release people tend to get excited. After all, with new hardware comes new possibilities, as console games are suddenly free from the shackles that have been constraining them for the last few years. The only bad thing about a new generation, however, is the fact that you still need to buy the console, and fact is, it rarely comes cheap. If you remember, the PS3 came out at a whopping $599 at launch!

Luckily, if what Michael Pachter of the investment firm Wedbush Morgan predicts is correct, the next generation of consoles might not kill your wallet nearly as much. According to him, he estimates that the PS4’s bill of materials ends up costing around $275, while the Xbox One will cost around $325. With those costs in mind, he then predicts that the PS4 will cost around $349, with the Xbox One costing about $399.

Pachter is also predicting that while the Xbox One is priced higher, because of its “always connected” requirement some telecom companies might offer subsidies to people as an incentive. Of course, older consoles won’t be left out of the loop: according to him, he thinks that most, if not all of the other consoles will end up with a $50 price cut as well. However, just keep in mind that right now this is all speculation, as we won’t know just what Sony and Microsoft are setting for prices until they announce it. With that being said, if I were to find out that the PS4 was only $349 at launch I might just consider going out and getting one.


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