Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jun 12, 2013

Kevin Conroy Won’t Be In Batman: Arkham Origins [E3 2013]


What is it with voice actors losing their jobs this year? Earlier in the year we found out that popular voice actor David Hayter wasn’t going to be reprising his role as Snake in Metal Gear Solid 5. Now we’ve come to find out that Kevin Conroy, who voiced Batman in the 90’s cartoon series as well as countless other incarnations of Batman won’t be reprising his role for the upcoming game Batman: Arkham Origins.

Instead, Craig Smith will be in the role of Batman this time around. It had been thought that Kevin Conroy might be in Arkham Origins in a retrospective role, but it appears that that is not the case. But it’s not all bad news for him.

While he won’t be in the big game, he is slated to appear in another Arkham game in development. At this time there’s not really any details as to what that game is about, but at least there is some consolation here: he’s not being replaced by Kiefer Sutherland. You gotta give them that.


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