Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jun 11, 2013

Mega Man And Animal Crossing’s Villager Join Super Smash Bros. Wii U And 3DS

Since the N64, one of the most highly-anticipated titles for each of Nintendo’s consoles has been Super Smash Bros. The Wii U hasn’t been doing the best in terms of sales and reception, but if there is any game that will make fans bite the bullet and pick one up, it’s this one.

Nintendo finished off their big E3 event today by teasing us with not one, but two new SSB titles. One for the Wii U, and another for the 3DS. Both versions looked nicely updated, and showed a lot of the same action that we’ve grown to love over the years. However, as with the Smash Bros. titles, the biggest news is the new characters, and Nintendo didn’t disasppoint.

The first reveal showed the Villager from Animal crossing using a shovel, potted plant, and more to take on his rivals in an all-out brawl. While this was pretty exciting, nothing could compare to the visage of the Blue Bomber standing atop a cliff in the moonlight. That’s right, Mega Man will be making his Smash Bros. debut, and will bring a host of powers that he’s acquired from the minions of Dr. Wiley.

Unfortunately, we don’t know anything regarding a release date for either the 3DS or Wii U version of the game. However, if Nintendo wants to really make a splash this holiday season, we’ll see it before the year is out.



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