Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jun 17, 2013

No Mod Support For Battlefield 4, Says DICE

If you were hoping to make up some custom mods in Battlefield 4, I’ve got bad news. DICE has no plans to make the game support mods. This isn’t surprising, considering howBF3 didn’t have any official mod support either.

Officially it comes down to having the “right security” around what parts of the game engine they let loose for modding. After all, EA and DICE don’t want to let folks get too much of the engine to play with, lest they decide to use it for more nefarious purposes like discovering ways to exploit the game. Of course, there’s also the little fact that EA and DICE make a ton of money off of DLC sales, and if people were to start making their maps that would undoubtedly cut into that stream a bit.

Of course, keep it in mind that DICE is not giving official mod support to BF4. Knowing how the internet works I’m willing to bet that it’ll only be a matter of time afterBF4’s launch date that we see mods for the game popping up around the internet. With that being said though the spread of mods will be quite diminished than if the game had mod support built in.


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