Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jun 21, 2013

NVIDIA Shield Gets Price Cut, Release Date

The NVIDIA Shield is a cool piece of technology. It’s a handheld device that had “console-class” controls, a 5-inch high def screen, and runs on the Android OS. Its coolest feature, however, is the ability to stream games from your own PC to the handheld, as long as your PC has a 600-series or better NVIDIA graphics card.

It was originally priced for $349, but after hearing from “thousands of gamers” NVIDIA made the decision to lower the price a little bit. You’ll be able to pick it up for a cool $299 now. I’m not going to lie, 300 bucks can be a bit much, but if the Shield is half as awesome as it appears it might very well be worth it, especially if you like to game throughout your house.

Until now, we’ve only known that the handheld was going to be released in June, but now we have a definite date. You can pick up a Shield yourself on June 27th.


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