Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jun 19, 2013

Steam Could Be Setting Up A Shared Game Library Setup [Rumor]

Right now, the Xbox One is getting a lot of flak over the restrictions over used games and its once-a-day check-ins, and really, for good reason. However, there is a feature that isn’t getting quite as much hype, but actually seems pretty cool. You see, according to Microsoft with the Xbox One you’ll be able to share your games with up to 10 different people, which is kind of cool especially since a disc won’t be required to do this.

It’s not quite known exactly how this will work out, but it’s a really cool concept. Now it appears that Valve may be thinking of something along the same lines, because somebody on NeoGAF has revealed some lines of code from the Steam Beta that points to such a feature. You can see the NeoGAF thread here.

The code points to three different things: A “Shared game library”, a message for the owner when a game is being used  by someone else, and a message for a potential borrower who’s trying to play a game already in use. Of course, it’s possible that Valve is merely looking to see how such a feature may work, and it’s possible that it might not see the light of day. But, with that being said, if Valve does go ahead and implement such a sharing feature, it could be another blow to the Xbox One where it’s one great feature is all of a sudden not exclusive to the system.

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