Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jun 13, 2013

Ubisoft Explains How Multiplayer In Watch Dogs Works [E3 2013]

When you see a game like Watch Dogs you don’t necessarily think of it as being a very multiplayer friendly game. After all, you’re playing as Aiden Pearce, and you’re a one-man hacking machine who’s out for some good ol’ fashioned vigilante justice, spiced up for the 21st century. But Ubisoft decided to add multiplayer, and I’m not going to lie, it sounds pretty awesome, if not a little paranoia-inducing.

The multiplayer in Watch Dogs isn’t like a game like Call of Duty, for example, where it’s completely broken off from the story. Instead, when you’re playing if you happen to have the multiplayer mode enabled you can find that other people (who play as Aiden in their own games) are able to hack you and install a virus package into your phone. You’ll have to figure out who’s doing it and stop them, and because while they’re Aiden in their own game, in your game they appear as just another NPC which makes the exercise a bit difficult.

The multiplayer, overall, is actually pretty open-ended. You can enter into another person’s multiplayer, only to be a voyeur and see just what they’re up to. You can also be a bit of a dick and start griefing them, perhaps by raising the police barriers just as your victim gets to that point. There will also be multiplayer missions where your aim isn’t to hinder the other player, but rather your aim is to help them out, so that’s pretty cool if you’re looking for a little co-op action. And if you’re worried about beating a main story mission, only to have some jackass come and shut your car off remotely, you have nothing to worry about: multiplayer is disabled during missions, meaning you’re as safe as you want to be!

I’m not going to lie, this game intrigues me more and more all the time.


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