Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jun 10, 2013

Wii U Basic May Be Discontinued [Rumor]

The Wii U was only the latest console to have multiple versions available at launch, where you had an 8 GB Basic version available in white, and a 32 GB Deluxe version available in black. It’s looking like your choices might become smaller, however, because according to an internal GameStop memo Nintendo issued a recall effective June 18th on all 8 GB Basic versions of the Wii U. An internal flyer seemed to be making its way through Best Buy as well, and suggest something quite similar.

Nintendo has stated, however, that it’s not a discontinuation. Instead, according to them it’s a “rebalance” of supply. “Consumers looking for either model will continue to find them available.” Of course, at this point I think its safe to say “available until when?”

With E3 going on this week, as well as the fact that the Wii U isn’t performing nearly as well as Nintendo may hope, I’d have to guess that part of the reason why they’re getting rid of the 8 GB version is so they can drop the price on the 32 GB version, and perhaps make that the new “Basic” version while introducing a new “Deluxe” version with a bigger hard drive. I’ve got a feeling though that we’ll learn more as the week goes on.


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