Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Jun 20, 2013

Zumba Fitness World Party – You Can Dance If You Want To

While not everyone is into dancing games, Zumba has a little flair of its own. Obviously, it’s big enough for actual classes to be showing up in gyms and dance studios, so you can imagine they’re doing something right. Of course, going to one of those would require flailing around in front of people you don’t know in a physical location that isn’t home, so for many the game version is a much better option.

They’ve been really good at catering to any type of workout or dance style you could look for. However, these fine folks didn’t think that was enough, and wanted to take it one step further. Zumba Fitness World Party gives you tons of different dance styles from around the world, shot with real people dancing in real locations, and teaches you about the cultures behind techniques.

In World Party, you go on ‘tour’ that takes you to seven different global locations. You’ll have more than forty new routines to jam out to, and the music is coming from a wide range of musical talent such as Lady Gaga, Pitbull, and Daddy Yankee. There are over 30 different dance styles that will let you try your hand at Irish step, Bollywood, capoeira, and girly funk (wtf?).

As always, you can work towards a preset goal or make your own, and play with 2-4 people depending on which system you play on. Those of you with a Wii will be able to play with the full number, but those with an Xbox One or 360 will only be able to play with two on Kinect. The big difference being that you’ll have to wear the belt that holsters the Wiimote if you want to play on the Wii.

In these new places to get your groove on, you’ll get to look at a panoramic view of a scenic setting from whichever location you’re on tour in. The more you progress, you’ll be able to unlock videos that teach you about the culture of the different locations, behind-the-scenes videos, stamps, postcards, and fitness tips. If things start to get a little boring for you, there are low, medium, and high settings that you can adjust at your leisure. This game will be available in October of this year.

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