Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jul 5, 2013

Final Fantasy VII Unleashed On Steam

Final Fantasy VII was re-released for the PC last year, but I’m guessing that there were a few fans who didn’t realize it. After all, the very popular RPG wasn’t released on Steam at that time, and for many folks, if it doesn’t exist on Steam, it doesn’t exist period. And who can blame them? Steam is really, really useful to keep games up to date!

Well guess what?FFVII has made its way to Steam! For $11.99 you can relive the grandeur ofFFVII on the comfort of your PC.

This PC version of FFVII is different from previous versions of the game because it contains some new additions. For instance, this version comes with achievements, as well as a “Cloud Saves” feature that allows you to save your game in the cloud and pick right off at another computer. There is also a character booster feature that will allow you to increase your HP, MP, and Gil levels to their maximum with a click of a button. That’s a pretty nice feature if you’re just looking to get the story of the game.


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