Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jul 10, 2013

GameStop Cuts Off PS4 Pre-Orders

Well folks, I hope you got your pre-order in for the PS4 while you could. That’s because GameStop has revealed that they are no longer taking any more pre-orders of what is shaping up to be the big console of the year. This affects pre-orders for both the physical and online GameStop stores.

Sony had previously gave GameStop the go-ahead to allow as many pre-orders as possible. It now appears that “unlimited” truly has a limit, which for Sony can’t be a bad thing at all. With that being said, I kind of feel sorry for any folks who were trying to save up some money to afford a PS4 and had yet to pull the trigger on a pre-order.

At this time Amazon has no standalone launch day systems available, but you can still purchase a “standard” PS4 that will ship out to you as soon as it’s available. There are also several launch day bundles that are available at this times, which range from $460 to $500. At this point, if you’re looking to get a PS4 in time for Christmas that would be the way to go. Otherwise, you might be forced to spend a ton of money from somebody on Craigslist or Ebay if you just have to have a PS4 by the end of the year.



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