Posted by Zac MacDonald on Jul 26, 2013

Grab Your Club Nintendo Goodies, While You Still Can

Bro, do you even Club Nintendo? I had to ask one of my friends this very question, earlier this evening. It was embarrassing for both of us and now we can’t look each other in the eye anymore. He doesn’t Club Nintendo, and he should. You should to. Now that I’m done with this little bit that honestly wasn’t funny to begin with, I’ll get to the point. For the uninitiated, Club Nintendo is basically Nintendo’s way of getting you to spend oodles of cash on their products by rewarding you with little freebies. Each game or console you buy offers you a small lot of virtual coins that, when accumulated, can be spent on miscellany, such as virtual console games, Wii remote holders, and even Nintendo themed Hanafuda cards.

If you accumulate more than a set number of coins in a single year, you get either a Gold or Platinum status, the main benefit of either of these statuses is a gift at the end of the Club Nintendo year (July 1st being the start). This year the gifts are as follows:

Available to Platinum members only

Available to all who have reached at least Gold status

Club Nintendo is a great thing for people like myself, as I’m going to end up buying every Nintendo Console and most, if not all, first party games, you can easily achieve gold status, and the rewards are plentiful, but most importantly, the rewards are good. It’s also worth mentioning that if you order a physical item as a reward, the shipping is free. The offer expires August 15th, so be sure to make your selection by then! Have fun, Ninty fans.

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