Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jul 31, 2013

Humble “Deep Silver” Bundle Has Been Announced!

If you’re looking to get some great games for a cheap price, the Humble Bundles are the thing to go to during those times between the Steam Summer and Winter sales. You can choose to spend as much or as little as you want for those games in order to benefit both charities and the companies that make the games. It’s a win-win for all parties really, where you get some awesome games for cheap and some great charities like Child’s Play and the Red Cross get some extra money!

This time, the big Humble Bundle is Deep Silve-colored! If you donate more than a dollar you’ll get Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third, as well as Risen 2: Dark Waters and Sacred 2: Gold Edition. If you pay more than the average price you’ll get the full Saints Row: The Third package, with all its DLC as well asDead Island.

If you spend more than $25 however, you can also get Dead Island: Riptide, which was released back in April. Considering how right now it’s currently $39.99, $25 is a good deal for a game, let alone 7 games! So hey, if you’ve been looking to fill out your game collection on Steam, and you want to help some folks, this is a good time to slap down a few bucks and have a good ol’ time!


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