Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jul 25, 2013

Microsoft Allows Indie Self-Publishing

For the longest time Microsoft has not been very friendly towards indie games and their developers. In fact, Oddworld’s creator Lorne Lanning made some rather scathing comments about Microsoft’s commitment (or lack thereof) towards indie games, from the breakdowns in communication to the policies that keep all but the richest of indie developers off of the system. However, it looks like Microsoft is now starting to take indie developers seriously for once.

Microsoft announced yesterday that they are easing up on the restrictions to get a game on Xbox Live. No longer will a developer be required to have a publisher in order to be placed on the service. Instead, Microsoft is allowing indie developers to go ahead and self-publish their games. Microsoft will also be implementing a faster turnaround when it comes to game code certification.

Of course, one of the big problems with indie developers is the fact that in the past if they wanted to launch on a console they would have to have a dev kit. Microsoft now has their backs on that front as well. It was announced that a regular Xbox One will function as a dev kit, requiring only a simple sign up online, and registering that console with Microsoft. All in all, this is some great news for indie developers out there. However, after being shunned by Microsoft for so long, will indie developers flock towards the Xbox One the way Microsoft hopes? I guess we’ll find out in time.


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