Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jul 17, 2013

Microsoft Confirms Play-As-You-Download Feature For Xbox One

While the Xbox One no longer has many of the unsavory features that made gamers cry foul, the fact is you still need to download every single disc-based game to your hard drive. And when you consider the fact that Blu Ray drives and HDD’s are inherently slow, that means some inpatient folks are going to be quite unhappy when they pop in a game for the first time and have to wait a few moments for the game to be installed. Luckily, Microsoft has already said that you’ll be able to play the game while it’s being installed from the disc.

But what about downloads from the internet? According to Microsoft, you’ll be able to do the very same thing, where you’ll be able to play a game while it’s still being downloaded to the console.That’s some good news if you live in an area with a slow internet connection.

So how does this stack up in comparison to the Xbox One’s main competitor, the PS4? Well… it’s essentially the same. The PS4 also allows you to play games as they’re being installed to the hard drive, either from a disc or from the internet.


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