Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jul 8, 2013

Razer CEO Reveals Why They Don’t Design PS3 Accessories

Many folks recognize the Razer brand. After all, they’ve designed countless mice and keyboards for the PC, as well as headphones, controllers, and fight sticks for the Xbox 360. If you’re a particularly eagle-eyed observer, however, you may have noticed that there are no Razer-brand products for the PS3.

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan revealed why there are no Razer PS3 products: he barely uses his PS3 in the first place. On Twitter, he said “One of the big reasons why we don’t make Playstation accessories is because I don’t really spend time with mine.” When someone called him out on being selfish, all he had to say about it was “Why’s it selfish? I design stuff I actually want as a gamer rather than sell stuff to gamers for money.”

Even if he doesn’t personally play his PS3 very often, it still seems to be a bit shortsighted that he would go out of his way to not develop anything for the system. I wouldn’t be too surprised if Microsoft signed some sort of exclusivity deal with Razer to keep them off of the competition, and that this “I don’t play anything on the PS3” line is just the “official” version of things. If the PS4 ends up kicking ass this next generation, I’ve got a feeling we’ll be seeing some Razer-brand products for the console.


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