Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jul 23, 2013

Saints Row 4 To Be Re-Reviewed By Australian Classification Board

Despite the fact that Australia now has an ‘M’ equivalent rating for video games, it’s been made apparent that the country is still treating video games with kids gloves. Last month the country’s Classification Board “Refused Classification” onSaints Row IV due to its depiction of drug use, as well as an alien probe weapon. That marked the first time a game had been banned since the law allowing a game to be ranked R18+ was passed.

Deep Silver has since gone and created a “low violence” version of Saints Row IV and has since resubmitted the game to the Board. The Board announced yesterday that the game will be re-reviewed next week on July 29th. At that point we’ll know if the Board has decided to give the game a rating or not.

It’s a shame that despite now having an R18+ rating our Australian friends still have to go through the neutering of games. Many folks down under would like nothing more than to play the exact same game that Americans play, but alas, that still isn’t the case. It’s even more jarring when you think of the fact that Mature games in America are for people 17 years and up, while the Australian rating is for 18 years and up.


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