Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jul 15, 2013

Xbox Live Rewards To Phase Out Points Next Month

As many of you are aware Microsoft is planning on getting rid of Microsoft Points. Right now, however, the points are still around as the company does a bit of testing to make sure that the transition to using real money goes off without a hitch. Based on an announcement through Xbox Live Rewards, however, it’s looking like we might see the transition to real money happen sometime in September.

On August 1st you won’t be able to earn any Microsoft Points through the Rewards program anymore. However, Microsoft does stress that during that time you’ll still continue to be rewarded for “doing the things you love”, though it won’t be with MS Points. Any points you’ve earned, even if it’s less than 100, will be credited to your account on August 7th.

At this time Microsoft hasn’t announced what exactly will be happening on September 1st. I would guess that at that point Microsoft might finally make the transition from MS Points to real, local currency. Until then, you’ll have to continue to use MS Points, sadly…


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