Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jul 2, 2013

Xbox One’s Kinect Could Spell The End For Typing In Codes

While the Xbox One is no longer going to have any extra DRM for games that the 360 doesn’t already have, that does mean that there will be companies out there who will choose to include some DRM of their own, namely in the form of online passes. As many of you are aware, entering in online passes can be a pain in the ass when you’re using a controller. So somebody on Reddit had the bright idea that if a game requires a code, why can’t they just use the Kinect and put in a QR code?

It makes sense, really. After all, each Xbox One comes with a Kinect as standard, mandatory equipment, and with a QR code you can just flash a piece of paper at the camera instead of laboriously typing in a giant 25-digit code. And unlike some great ideas that are pushed off to the side, this is one that Microsoft is apparently considering to use. Marc Whitten of Microsoft tweeted that yes, using QR codes through the Kinect will work.

Of course, just because it can work doesn’t mean that Microsoft will necessarily implement it. But really, I can’t see a reason why they wouldn’t use such a QR code system for things like online passes. It isn’t any less secure than using a giant set of digits, and as long as it works right the QR code entering process would only take seconds. It’s not a feature that will convince people to choose the Xbox One over the PS4 or anything, but it’s still pretty cool, and most importantly, it’s useful.

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