Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jul 12, 2013

You Can’t Shoot Your Guns In Deus Ex: The Fall If Your iOS Device Is Jailbroken

When it comes to combating piracy some developers like to get a little tricky. For instance, in Batman: Arkham Asylum if you had a cracked copy of the game your cape wouldn’t fully extend at a critical moment, meaning you were sent plummeting to your death below. In Game Dev Tycoon, if you downloaded the cracked version of the game you would find over time that more people would pirate your games, and eventually you’d go out of business even if you happened to be making some really popular games. Eidos also happens to have placed a similar kind of DRM in their iOS gameDeux Ex: The Fall but it’s causing a quite a stir.

It seems the Eidos has a problem with iOS devices that have been jailbroken. If your iPad or iPhone happens to have been jailbroken and you attempt to shoot your gun, you’ll get this simple error message that states “We are sorry but you can’t fire on jailbroken devices.” The main difference here, however, between Deux Ex and Game Dev Tycoon is that this message appears on completely legitimate copies of Deus Ex. It’s pretty shady, honestly, especially when you consider the fact that jailbreaking your iOS device is legal.

At this time Eidos has yet to make a statement about why they’ve decided to alienate paying customers like this. All I know is this: if you’re iOS device is jailbroken and you were thinking about buying this game, forget about it. Maybe get up on your PC and enjoy the Steam Summer Sale instead.


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