Posted by Chuck Corbin on Aug 5, 2013

Activision Reporting Lower-Than-Normal Pre-Order Numbers For CoD: Ghosts

People give the Call of Duty games a lot of crap, especially since over the last few years it’s essentially been the same iteration year after year. Despite the hate that the games sometime get, however, there remains the little fact that the CoD brand is one of the most popular game series of all time, with millions of games being sold each year and records continually being smashed. With all that being said, to some people it’s looking like CoD‘s reign of “terror” may be drawing to a close, as Activision has reported that pre-orders of Call of Duty: Ghosts are down compared to years past.

Is it because people are finally getting sick of the franchise? According to Activision, that doesn’t appear to be the case. According to CEO Eric Hirshberg, “Our quantitative consumer research indicates that hesitation amongst past COD pre-orderers is primarily due to not knowing which platform they will be playing on, which is natural at this time in the console transition.”

So yea, the numbers are lower this year, but only because not everybody has made a decision about which console they plan on getting. And really, that makes sense when you think about it, especially if the person getting the game is expecting a new gaming console for Christmas. I’ve got a feeling, however, that while Ghosts might be a little down when compared to Modern Warfare and Black Ops, when Ghosts 2 comes out inevitably in a couple of years it’ll set records yet again.


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