Posted by Chuck Corbin on Aug 21, 2013

Alternate DualShock 4 Colors Announced

If you’re picking up a PS4, but you don’t like the all-black look that the system is going for, then you just might want to pick up another DualShock 4 controller when you get your PS4 in November. That’s because Sony has announced that they are introducing 2 different colored controllers this year when the system is launched. The colors? “Magma Red” and “Wave Blue”, which apparently represent ” two of the most popular colors among PlayStation® users”.

Unlike most other controllers, which are usually 1 solid color, these color variants are going for a two-tone look. Personally, I think the colors are a little too bright and vibrant for myself, and I don’t really care much about the two-tone look either, but I’m willing to bet there will be plenty of people who will like it. The controllers will be available for the same price as their solid black counterpart, at $59/€59/£54.

Sony intends on having the controllers available for the European launch on November 29th. As for the North American launch, well, we’ll have to wait. Sony at this moment has said that it will be available there “later this year”.


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