Posted by Chuck Corbin on Aug 27, 2013

Microsoft Points Have Been Updated To Real Money

Microsoft Points are no more. They have ceased to be. That is the reality that people awoke to yesterday when Microsoft finally made the conversion from Points to cold, hard cash. It’s about time!

As of yesterday, everybody’s points have been converted to their local currency, with the American dollar going for 80 MS points = $1. That’s the same rate that points had been going at, though Microsoft is rounding up currency to the nearest quarter dollar. So if you’re lucky, you might have gotten a whole $.24 extra out of the deal!

The real world conversion had been in the works since E3, when Microsoft announced that they were going to ditch the funny money known as MS Points. It makes sense to do it now when you consider the fact that in a few short months Microsoft will be releasing their newest console, the Xbox One, which places a huge emphasis on online content. Using real world money will make things easier for folks everywhere, and let people know exactly how much it is they’re paying for something.


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