Posted by Chuck Corbin on Aug 12, 2013

NVIDIA Happy With Shield’s Sales

Every year companies are producing new hardware in the hopes that it’ll become the next big thing. Most of the time, especially when a company releases hardware in an industry it’s not normally used to selling in (see: PS Vita, Oyua), the hardware ends up being a bit of a bust. Occasionally, however, things work out for the better, and a company’s new hardware turns out to be a bit of a success, at least by the company’s standards.

NVIDIA is apparently quite happy with how their new Shield is selling. Despite its somewhat high price tag, and the fact that the company is not known for producing gaming hardware, the Shield is selling well, with “everything that we shipped so far has sold out” according to Senior Director of Investor Relations Chris Evenden. He goes on to say how they’re even getting ready to ramp up production.

Of course, while the system is selling well, the rest of the company could be doing better. Their second quarter reports have shown a 6.4% drop and a 19% decline in net income when compared to last year. However, they’re expecting a better second half due in part to the Shield and other Tegra 4 devices being launched onto the market.



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