Posted by Chuck Corbin on Aug 20, 2013

Rumor: Xbox One May Come With Free Game At Launch *Update: It’s FIFA 14*

Despite being in much better shape now than in the first few weeks after it was announced, the Xbox One is still in a bit of trouble. After all, the system comes bundled with a piece of hardware that a sizable portion of fans don’t even want, and because of that bundling the system now costs a good $100 more than their primary competition, the PS4. But rumor has it that Microsoft may have a trick up their sleeve to make that price difference not quite so horrible.

According to CVG and their sources, each new Xbox One will come with a launch-day title for free. So far, there’s no real idea about what game it will be, but rumor has it that it’s going to be EA’s FIFA 14, which is immensely popular in Europe the same way games like EA’sNFL series are popular in the states. So far, the free game seems to only apply to European Xbox Ones, though it’s completely possible that the US could get its own free game bundle as well.

If what is being said is true, then it might finally put the Xbox One on a level playing field with the PS4. FIFA may not be the most exciting game for a brand new console, but there is one thing that sports games have that can’t always be said about other games, and that’s the fact that games like FIFA end up being quite replayable. If Microsoft really wants to level to level the playing field all over, they might want to consider putting a different game in American Xbox One’s. Maybe, for example, NFL 14?

*UPDATE*: Microsoft has indeed confirmed during their Gamescom press conference that European Xbox One preorders will come with FIFA 14. This preorder bonus applies not just to new preoreders, but any preorder that has been made in Europe. No word yet on if North America is getting a free game.


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