Posted by Chuck Corbin on Aug 5, 2013

Saints Row IV Finally Rated In Australia

It took two different attempts, but Volition has finally done it! The Australian gaming board has finally decided to rate a modified version of Saints Row IV last Friday. Curiously, instead of getting the the R18+ rating that they were originally going for, the board gave them the lesser MA15+.

So what did Volition have to change? Not much, apparently. Deep Silver announced that they had to remove a 20 minute mission that contained “alien narcotics” that give superpowers to the player. The Rectifier weapon, aka the alien anal probe weapon, will still be in the game as part of a DLC package.

Now that the game finally has a rating, it’s full steam ahead with getting the game released! Despite the delay in waiting for the rating,Saints Row IV is still set to be released on August 22nd.


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