Posted by Chuck Corbin on Aug 19, 2013

Sony To Announce Release Plans For PS4 At Gamescom

With the latest generation of consoles coming out this year, it’s easy to say that this is an exciting year for video gaming! The Xbox One, after its rocky start, has started to pick up some momentum and it’s getting some folks excited. However, the console to beat this generation, I feel, is Sony’s PS4. After all, it’s $100 cheaper, has as good, if not better hardware than the Xbox One, and at the end of the day they’ve been consistent with their message from the moment it was announced.

The only bad part, I feel, about the PS4 is the fact that Sony has not announced anything close to a release date. That’s going to change this week, however, as Sony plans to unveil the PS4’s release plans this week at Gamescom. For those of you who don’t know, Gamescom is a trade fair in Cologne, Germany, and is just as important as E3 is here in the States.

Sony plans on having their press conference on August 20th, 7 PM CET (1 PM EST). Right now, I’d have to guess that the release date will end up being sometime in November, just based on the past. With that being said, however, Sony could pull a fast one and move the date up a bit, or at the same time dash everyone’s expectations and push the date back farther than we anticipated. We’ll just have to sit still and wait to find out.


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