Posted by Chuck Corbin on Aug 1, 2013

Wii Surpasses 100 Million Units Sold While Wii U Languishes

When it comes down to who the “winner” of the last console generation was, most people would probably say the Xbox 360. After all, the console has sold a ton of units, thanks in part to its strong game library (as well as the fact that many systems RROD’d…). But if you’re looking at total system units sold though, those fans would be dead wrong.

That winner instead goes to the Wii, where to date the system has sold over 100 million units! For a system running hardware that was ancient at the time, and not even having an HD mode, it’s pretty impressive to see such a system hit that kind of milestone. Obviously, Nintendo really hit on something with the Wii’s unique control scheme.

Unfortunately for Nintendo, the Wii’s successor the Wii U is not doing nearly so well. It was revealed that between April and July only 160k Wii U’s were sold worldwide, which brings the total sold since it was released to… 3.6 million units. When you consider the fact that the Xbox One and PS4 are breaking pre-order records all over the place, it really looks like the Wii U is going to be relegated to nothing more than an “also-ran”. The 3DS was a bit of a flop when it first came out, but its since found its footing, thanks in part to weak competition. The Wii U on the other hand? Nintendo is really going to have to do something drastic if they want to stay relevant in the console market, and I don’t think they have it in them.

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