Posted by Chuck Corbin on Sep 16, 2013

PS4 May Be “50% Faster” Than The Xbox One

With each new console generation comes the question that everybody asks: which console is the most powerful? If these rumors are true, it looks like the PS4 may indeed be the most powerful console of this generation, and by a longshot. But why is the PS4 so much more powerful?

After all, on paper the stats are both pretty similar: both contain 8 GBs of RAM, as well as similar processors and GPUs. According to Edge Online’s sources, however, it has to do with the fact that PS4’s memory reads are 40 to 50 percent quicker than the Xbox One’s, and it’s Arithmetic Logic Unit, or ALU, is 50% faster as well. It can render a “platform-agnostic build” at 30 FPS in 1920×1080, while it’ll run in the 20’s for the Xbox One at 1600×900. Microsoft did announce recently that they’ve updated the clock speeds on the CPU, but according to Edge’s source “it does not change things that much.”

So does that mean the PS4 is going to have faster, crisper 3rd party games? Don’t bet on it. In the end, it’s going to be easier to make the game to the lowest common denominator, so expect the PS4 versions of game to feature at best a slightly faster frame rate or something compared to the Xbox One version. Of course, it’s possible that some 3rd party developers might favor the PS4 over the Xbox One, and really make games shine on there, but I wouldn’t necessarily count on that happening any time soon.


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