Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Oct 25, 2013

Humble Bundle 7 Is For PC And Android Users

Getting a bundle is the best way to toss a multitude of new games into your library, according to all the recent Pool Payday reviews. While some wait for specific titles, many of us just want to add a few new flavors into the mix. Indie Royale and Humble Bundle are pretty good at wetting our appetites with groups of awesome games for cheap.

Seeing that we already saw what IndieRoyale has to offer, let’s look into what Humble Bundle has on their menu. The Humble Bundle 7 is for Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux. You can pay whatever you want, and get Ticket to Ride, Greed Crop, Incredipede, and Anodyne.

As is always the case, if you beat out the average amount, you can also get more games. This time around it’s Worms Reloaded, The Bard’s Tale, Broken Sword: Director’s Cut, Organ Trail: Director’s Cut, Anomaly Korea, and the Europe DLC for Ticket to Ride. Going above and beyond also gets you all the game soundtracks. At the time of writing this, that’s only $6.30, which is not bad for nine games. Look below to check out the games, and hear some really bad impressions.

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