Posted by Chuck Corbin on Oct 29, 2013

Latest Nvidia Shield Update Add “Console Mode”

Nvidia’s Shield is a neat looking device. After all, it’s got the power of a PC and yet still has all the portability of a handheld console. One of the biggest features of the Shield, however, is the fact that you can stream games from your dedicated PC to the Shield using your own wifi!

And in a recent update by Nvidia, that feature has only gotten better. In the latest update, Nvidia enabled “Console Mode” for the Shield, with will let you hook the Shield up to your TV, and instead of using the controller on the Shield you can connect a Bluetooth controller to the Shield. It sounds like a perfect way to play your PC games in your living room without having to drag your computer in!

Besides the Console Mode, Nvidia has also given improved Android support to the system. That’ll give Shield owners access to hundreds of more Android games than before, and what’s more Nvidia has even add a Gamepad Mapper utility that will allow you to assign a traditional controller scheme to touchscreen games. I have to say, these are the kinds of updates that are good to have right before the start of the holiday shopping season…


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