Posted by Chuck Corbin on Oct 15, 2013

New PS Vita Now Uses Micro USB Charging Cable

When it comes various handheld devices you usually find that you end up with a bunch of different chargers. You’ve got your cell phone charger, your iPod charger, and your charger for your handheld gaming machines. It really gets to be a bother having to switch out chargers time and time again.

Luckily if you’re thinking of picking up one of the new PS Vita models you’ll be glad to know that Sony is going to help keep your space a little less cluttered. Shuhei Yoshida, Sony’s Worldwide President, made the announcement that the new Vita will use the same charge cable as a smartphone. That’s a micro USB cable, if you didn’t know already.

Currently the new Vita is available for sale in Japan as of October 10th. With that being said, there’s no word on when it’ll make it’s way to Europe or the Americas. I’d imagine that if it sells well we might see it sometime early next year, as they’re launching the PS4 in Japan.


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