Posted by Chuck Corbin on Oct 18, 2013

PS4 To Cost Over $1,800 In Brazil

Here in the United States, and indeed a good portion of the world we know that the PS4 is going to be the cheaper console when compared to the Xbox One. The main reason why it’s cheaper in the first place is because unlike the Xbox One, the PS4 isn’t coming equipped with its camera accessory. However, it appears that Brazil is some sort of Bizzaro land when it comes to gaming.

That’s because in Brazil, the PS4 is more expensive than the Xbox One, and I mean a lot more expensive. Sony revealed that the PS4 will be going for 3,999 Brazilian reais when it is released next month. When translated into US dollars, that comes out to $1,852!

This is one of the few countries where the Xbox One is actually going to be cheaper than the PS4: it’s only being sold for 2,199 reais, or $1,015. When pressed for a reason, Sony revealed why the PS4’s price is so high: “Because the PlayStation 4 console is imported into Brazil, the price is based on importation taxes imposed by the local government.” In other words, Brazil sucks if you fancy yourself a console gamer.



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