Posted by Chuck Corbin on Oct 23, 2013

PSA: PC Versions Of GTAV Have Malware

A famous man once said “A sucker is born every minute.” That phrase has been proven to be true time and time again, as folks have been scammed over the years with promises of good, cheap land, huge returns on stock market investments, or even just promises of free iPads and other items if you only click on a flashing banner. Folks who might consider themselves to be smarter than the average person end up getting suckered all the time, as proven by the myriad of folks who have found and downloaded a “leaked” copy of a supposed PC version of GTAV.

On the surface, it seems legit. The torrent has been “verified”, with a high SEO ranking, and what’s more the actual size of the “game” seems to be legitimate, coming in at 18 GBs. The fun begins when you download the torrent and find out that it’s nothing but a trojan horse full of malicious software, with a .txt file that comes up and tells you to fill out some surveys in order to get the code to unlock the game. Yes Virginia, that PC version ofGTAVis fake!

So folks, use some common sense here when you want to play the hottest new game. You’re not going to find a “leaked” copy of a PC game before the publisher even announces a PC version anywhere. Don’t be like the thousands of “smart” people who tried to beat the system and get the game before anybody else!


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