Posted by Chuck Corbin on Oct 28, 2013

Sony Outlines How Sharing Digital Copies Of Games Work

We’ve all seen the video: Sony demonstrates to the world just how you can share a PS4 game by having one of their bigwigs take a game and merely hands it to another. It was a not-so-subtle “F*** you* to Microsoft who at the time had in place policies on their new Xbox One that was going to restrict heavily just what somebody can do with their used games. But while a physical copy of a game can be shared as easily as handing the game over to someone else, digital copies of the game have always been in murky water when it comes to sharing those games.

Sony has gone ahead and detailed exactly how the sharing of digital copies work. First off, a PSN account can go ahead and set a particular PS4 as a “primary” system. That means anybody and everybody who logs in and plays on that particular system will be able to play with the “primary” PSN account’s digital games, even if they don’t own the games themselves. What’s more, if that “primary” PSN account has PlayStation Plus, “certain benefits” can be used by anybody else on that account. Making a PS4 your “primary” console will also allow you to use the PlayStation App to purchase content and have the PS4 download automatically, and it will also allow you to connect to the PS4 from a Vita via the internet with Remote Play.

What’s more, if you’re at a friend’s house who also has a PS4, you can log on to your account on his console and access your games there. What’s more, you don’t have to worry if your significant other/sibling/parents are using your PS4 while you’re at your friend’s house, because you’ll both be able to use your account at the same time on different systems! It seems pretty hassle free to me, if I had to say!


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