Posted by Chuck Corbin on Oct 31, 2013

Steam Now Has 65 Million Accounts

“PC gaming is dead.” That’s the quote many analysts have been saying for years, due in part because when it comes to copies sold of a game, the PC version tends to be towards the bottom of the list compared to the console versions. But that’s a bit of a falsehood really, as Valve doesn’t reveal how many copies of a game are sold on their Steam service.

And based off of Valve’s announcement yesterday, it’s pretty easy to see that PC gaming is not dead. That’s because there are now over 65 million accounts on Steam, and it doesn’t take a genius to see that that is a lot of people. Hell, everyone considers the Xbox Live system to be successful, and they only have 48 million users!

And the fact is, Steam is practically exploding right now. Over the last year they’ve had a growth of 30% in active accounts, due in part to the introduction of new features like Early Access, Greenlight, Family Sharing, as well as the fact that Steam  is known for its huge sales and good service. With the introduction of Steam Machines coming up next year, I’ve got a feeling that next year they’re in for another huge year!


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