Posted by Chuck Corbin on Oct 24, 2013

The Sims 4 Coming Autumn 2014

For something so simple and without any real goals, The Sims series of games are really quite popular. What is it about the games that make people all over the world shell out millions of dollars each time a new expansion comes out? Is it the ability to build and decorate a house? Or maybe it’s watching your Sims interact with each other that drives people to play this game? Of course, for some sick people, it’s likely the way you’re able to torture and kill off your various Sims, from locking them in a door-less, window-less room, to making the Sim who shouldn’t be allowed near a burnt match start the barbeque.

Whatever the reason why folks love the game, there’s no denying the impact that its had in gaming. After all, many folks who don’t otherwise consider themselves gamers have bought The Sims and it’s sequels, thanks to it’s bright, colorful style, the sometimes absurd situations your Sims end up in, and most importantly its laid-back, casual attitude. I think you can make a strong argument in saying that The Sims really made casual gaming mainstream, and without that series the gaming world would look so much different today. So, it’s not a surprise to see that The Sims 4 is being made.

EA has made the announcement that The Sims 4 will be coming out in autumn 2014. If you pre-order the game on Origin right now you’ll get the “Limited” Edition, which comes with the “Life of the Party” DLC. I’m not sure why they need to have this be DLC when the game is still far away from being done, but hey, what do I know? As long as they don’t try to force the always-on DRM of SimCity, I think everything will be fine.


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