Posted by Chuck Corbin on Oct 14, 2013

Xbox One, PC Cross-Play “Makes A Lot Of Sense”

When it comes to video games each system is fundamentally locked down. Xbox 360 owners can only play with other 360 owners, PS3 folks can only play with other PS3 folks, and PC aficionados can only play with other PCs. Every so often, though, you’ll see a game try to break that trend and bridge the gap between 2 different systems. And if Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has anything to say about it, we’re going to be seeing some more cross-platform play between the upcoming Xbox One and the PC.

According to Spencer, PC and Xbox One cross-platform play “makes a lot of sense”. After all, the Xbox One does make use of of Windows-based partition, and with the fact that it’s very PC-like in the first place it only makes sense that the two platforms should be able to talk to each other. After all, many developers are already making cross-platform play a reality with things like tablets and smartphones, though in those cases the gameplay is usually asynchronous, with the tablet/smartphone play enhancing the console/PC experience.

Of course, the biggest obstacle to PS/Xbox One play is the fact that when it comes to many games a keyboard/mouse input combo is a lot more effective than a controller. But while Spencer didn’t confirm that the Xbox One would support a keyboard/mouse, he didn’t deny it either. “We don’t have anything to announce right now, but I’ll write it down: So you want keyboard and mouse support on Xbox One?”


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